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We connect when you reach out to me via my website or IG or through word of mouth. Send me an email and let me know you are interested in learning more about my design services.

I'll follow up with a brief phone call to learn about your project and how I can help you.

This service is complementary.




All Design Work begins with a scheduled Design Consultation which includes a 2 hr on-site in person meeting and includes 1 hr of off-site Follow-Up Design Time.

This is the first opportunity for the Client to introduce their design project and get immediate professional design help to move towards a Design Plan. A Design Consultation is extremely valuable for homeowners who are looking to make changes to their spaces but do not know where to start. Prior to the meeting, we will have had a phone call discussing your lifestyle, design needs, and style preferences. During the consultation, we address everything from reviewing plans, to picking paint colours, layouts, and decor. I provide expert suggestions on space planning, as well as furniture and fixture selection. You are encouraged to ask as many questions as you need. Time can also be used to discuss a future renovation where I provide insight and the initial scope of the work involved including an idea of costs and timelines. A Design Consultation can also be scheduled for a site or design center visit when time is restricted and the selections for your surfaces and fixtures need to be made during an allotted appointment time.

This service is billed at a fee for a 2 hr Meeting in-Person or Virtually and 1 hr of Design Follow-Up.



We are now working together as a Designer and client. I am familiar with your project, having met with you during the Design Consultation. I have assessed images, taken measurements, and have begun the process of creating a Design Plan. From incorporating your requests and personal taste with my style and experience, I communicate and involve you in the decision-making process from start to finish of our design service.

Design Work is in the form of Space Plan Drawings, Mood Boards for furniture sourcing or Selections of Fixtures and Finishes for Kitchen and Bathroom Designs.

This stage is billed hourly and outlined in a Scope of Work.




Following the phases of the Scope of Work established in the Dewing Work Phase -  finishes and fixtures are sourced and ordered, tradespeople are brought in to complete projects like painting and installing fixtures on site. Furniture is delivered, rooms are filled, draperies are installed, rooms are accessorized.


The design is complete when every detail has been addressed, the client is satisfied and the home reflects the completed design vision.

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